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Hotsy Pressure Washer Trailer

A Trailer Mounted Pressure Washer providing mobile cleaning anywhere.

Introducing the Hotsy Trail Blazer, an affordable mobile cleaning solution. The Hotsy Trail Blazer offers cleaning just about anywhere. Just add water and go!


Not every job that requires a pressure washer will be within easy reach. Additionally, you may have a large space to cover for your industrial pressure washing needs. The Hotsy Trail Blazer offers a simple, functional solution. This pressure washer trailer includes a Hotsy hot water pressure washer mounted on a single axle trailer. Thanks to its large water tank on board, you can clean on site with ease. Even more importantly, this setup will not compromise in terms of performance. So, you can expect the same power and efficiency you would from any Hotsy pressure washer. In fact, you can customize the pressure washer fitted on the trailer to deliver the exact performance you need.


  • A heavy-duty chassis on a single axle trailer with a leaf-spring suspension rated at 3,500 lbs.
  • A 200-gallon water tank features a float valve and wide access port.
  • 15-inch white spoke wheel assembly.
  • 39-inch tongue length with unique swing-away hinge, means less storage space is needed.

Where this pressure washer trailer can go

There are many potential applications for the Hotsy Trail Blazer. Construction sites may benefit from the mobility of a pressure washer trailer. Alternatively, farmers and ranchers may enjoy the convenience of mobile cleaning for equipment located anywhere on their property. Additionally, contract cleaners can offer pressure washing services on the go with the Trail Blazer in tow.

Customize your Hotsy Trail Blazer

Your cleaning needs are unique. So, we can custom build a trailer to meet your needs. Choose from water storage tanks, fuel tanks, hoses and hose reels, toolboxes and more. These standard hitch trailers provide the solution for anyone who needs mobility and the ability to clean anywhere.