Which Pressure Washer is Best: Hot or Cold?

How to Choose a Hot or Cold Pressure Washer

We’ve all heard the expression to “blow hot or cold.” It means on again/off again, wishy washy, or to be uncertain about something.

When it comes to buying a pressure washer, MITM doesn’t want you to be uncertain. We want you to have all the facts to make sure you’re getting exactly the right product for the right job.

So let’s compare the two types of pressure washers: hot and—you guessed it—cold. Both pack a punch, but each offers certain benefits for specific cleaning conditions.

Before considering a pressure washer, ask yourself some questions. How often do you plan to use the pressure washer? What is your budget? How much pressure do you need? What are your primary cleaning goals?

If good old-fashioned dirt and grime and mud are your enemies, a cold pressure washer is the best bet. With nearly 80 models to choose from — including gasoline, electric, and diesel types — Mi-T-M offers just the size and strength you need for any project.

The cold stream easily and effectively removes dirt from a wide variety of surfaces, including siding, driveways, dog kennels, cars, boats, RV’S, and decks. The pressure washer spraying power —our big units offer 5,000 psi or pounds per square inch—will make quick work of any muddy mess you have. In addition, the higher the gallons per minute, the more cleaning power you have at your fingertips.

Increasing Your Pressure Washer Power

You can further boost the strength and reach of your cold-water pressure water by attaching and implementing a large selection of accessories. Consider adding any of the following items to fit the specifications of your project:

  • Rotating brushes and nozzles
  • Sand injectors
  • Different strength nozzles
  • Aluminum wand extensions
  • Detergents
  • Gutter Cleaners

If you’re fighting a battle against grease and oil and reactive agents, however, a hot water pressure washer is the best choice by far. Cold water just won’t work. Mi-T-M offers more than 30 different hot water models.

Heat reduces water’s surface tension, allowing the pressure washer to penetrate and melt away stubborn grease stains. Adding adding soap in detergent helps the oil and water mix and remove oily substances.

If you plan on using a cold water pressure washer more than a couple of hours each week, you should consider a hot water washer instead. Hot water can speed up the cleaning process by 50 percent or more. You’ll save time and money in the long term with a hot water pressure washer.

Once you’ve chosen the idea pressure washer, make sure to watch one or many of our helpful how-to videos about proper use for maximum benefit. Using your pressure washer should be fun and easy; these videos easily explain how to use pressure washers.

Mi-T-M staff members are always happy to answer your questions. Contact us at 800-553-9053. You can also submit a question online and a Mi-T-M expert will answer it for you.