Commercial Pressure Washers

Commercial Pressure Washers

If you require a pressure washer for your commercial property, then versatility should definitely be one of your top priorities. The more versatile a pressure washer is, after all, the more useful it will ultimately prove to be to you. That’s why Stayer Industrial Equipment offers commercial pressure washers that can stand up well to any task. Whatever the size of your property is, our commercial pressure washers can provide you with the sterling performance you deserve.

Commercial Pressure Washers

How Our Commercial Pressure Washers Can Help You

Whether you need to wash commercial equipment or tough surfaces, you need the kind of high-quality washer you can always rely on. Our commercial pressure washers are made to provide our customers with the kind of versatility they need to handle daily commercial and industrial jobs. These are the types of commercial pressure washers we currently offer:

Electric Pressure Washers

If you simply want a convenient way to keep your property clean, then our compact electric pressure washer is the way to go. This 1400 PSI pressure washer works well for quick and easy cleaning jobs, and it’s also a great choice for cleaning contractors.

Gas Pressure Washers

If you need a washer that will be able to stand up to the punishing daily tasks of getting buildings and commercial equipment clean, then our gas-powered commercial pressure washers are an excellent choice. In fact, these pressure washers can consistently remove even the most difficult stains from your surfaces. They’re great for cleaning concrete, brick, and other hard surfaces. We offer several models for you to choose from, so be sure to ask our staff to help you select the best pressure washer for your needs.

Each of our models is capable of tackling even the most difficult cleaning jobs, so you’ll be easily able to keep your surfaces clean. Each of our commercial pressure washers is equipped with a high-pressure hose and trigger gun. Gas models come with a quick connect nozzle, while electric models come with a high/low pressure nozzle.

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When you’re in need of pressure washers for your business, you can always count on Stayer Industrial Equipment. Our company works to provide all of our commercial and industrial customers with the up-to-date, high-performance equipment they need. Whatever your industrial equipment needs might be, you can depend on our team to meet them.